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Mifare readers-RFID Malaysia

Mifare readers 13.56Mhz & RFID solutions

Edex Malaysia ( KL , Penang)would like to introduce the latest Mifare readers and RFID solutions for PC based and controller based integrated solutions. We provide complementary RFID products to cater for our valued customer who use our industrial PC and embedded system for some data collection & security access purpose. Being parters for Giga TMS for many years, We would like to highlight to you new range of mifare readers are now   available as belows :-

Mifare Reader for Cashless Card Payment System


Charging, billing or ticketing at single or multiple customer-use facilities can now be done swiftly with Cashless Pay by Card System AC908 -garnering for your organization signification savings in operational costs and ushering in silent service.  Interfaced to access control mechanisms of your facilities, access is given on successful contactless decrement from prepaid cards issued to users.  As standalone reader AC908 can save your staff time, trouble and security issues of handling cash, tokens or tickets by virtue of its instantaneous card accounting technology.  Each card’s transactions can be viewed on PC and saved and the cards can be re-formatted and re-used.

Ethernet based mifare reader

It is especially suitable for applications such as access control, time attendance, guest registration, authorization identification and identity authentication. The Mifare Ethernet RFID reader provides a read range of up to 7cm.  Output interface is Ethernet and relay period time is configurable.  The RFID reader can also be designed with a reader ID number for multi-unit communication internal LED and buzzer are also configurable.

New design Mifare reader :

UR220 is conceived as Your Reader, a stylish and reliable proximity reader with piano finish housing that seamlessly integrates into an intelligent building. For those high end projects UR220 is fulfilling with excellent performance, flexible appearance by changeable housing, customised logo, configurable LED colours and buzzer sound. It has wide applications in the area of Access Control and its waterproof design makes it a great all weather outdoor reader. UR110 has operating voltage range  perfect for Access Control Applications and is configurable to output most of the common interface formats as required ¡V Wiegand, Magstripe (Clock/Data), RS232 or RS485.


LBR300 is an user configurable Mifare® sector data reader. It can be configured to read Mifare® card with MAD1/MAD2 standard in a Mifare® application open system, or can be configured to read the user-defined sector data (Non-MAD) in a user defined closed system.
Output interface is able to configure as an RS232 output or Wiegand output or ABA TK2. For Wiegand output is selectable from 26 bits to 128 bits. LBR300 also can be set with a Reader ID number for multi-unit communication.

PDA / CF based Mifare reader

CF122/PCR125 / MFR135 / RWD145 is a compact RFID reader module for PDA / Pocket PC with CF card interface.  Easy to install RFID Reader module to PDA, just plug in PROMAG RFID reader module to CF card slot in PDA and install PROMAG demo program to computer, by way of data synchronizations to PDA. Then RFID reader module is able to read RFID tags by PDA connectivity.

As for other RFID such as Smart label, UHF RFID  work on EPC ( Electronics product code) lable and tags,  Guard patrol system, Time attendance system, you may refer to the link by clicking here .

or Please send email at / Call us at +603-77733908 ( KL) / +6046462218 ( penang). We are more than happy to provide you the right solutions. For our existing IPC and EPC system, please contact our respective sales personnel for further info.   ThAnk YOU